Friday, August 3, 2018

What You Find in Old Books: A Moonshine Recipe

Some years ago when I was sorting a box of old books, some thin sheets of paper fell ofrom between the pages of one book. I paid little attention, as I had a lot of books to go through and it wasn't unusual for things to fall out of them. Once I found a dollar bill, and old bills, bookmarks, photos, pressed flowers, postcards and letters were pretty common. So I ignored the papers on the floor until I'd finished sorting and packed away the books for the library booksale.

I carried the sheets of paper to my desk when I finally had time to look at them, and there on the onionskin pages, I found a recipe. That wasn't uncommon either, but this recipe--or partial recipe, because some pages were apparently missing--told how to make moonshine! Here's page one of what I found:

...and then there's page 2:

I'm pretty sure this wasn't a for-real recipe; perhaps it was someone's article they were writing as a spoof, or for a book of jokes, or who knows what.

I think if you click on the above articles, you will be able to see them full-screen.

I wish I knew who the writer was. There were more pages that fell out of the book, but those were scooped up by a co-worker and tossed in the trash and I thought nothing of it at the time. Later, of couse, I would have loved to have them. So the author and the context of these pages will remain a mystery.

I kinda like his artwork though.

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Hello, I read your blogs daily. Your story-telling style is awesome, keep doing
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