Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Cleaning, Cleaning: Getting Ready

For two people we sure make a lot of mess!

Last years tabletop floral arrangement.
The last few days have been all about cleaning and putting away, sorting and all of the things one does when company is coming. I hope to get some baking done today.

Since our Thanksgiving is not until Saturday, I have a little more time in one way, less in another. Because I will be driving to Pittsburgh on Thanksgiving Day to pick up our youngest son and his family, so there won't be any cooking that day. I'm thinking to make pies, corn salad and cranberry sauce on Friday, and maybe corn muffins then too, to serve instead of rolls with our dinner on Saturday.

The rest of the menu: turkey of course, dressing because my youngest asked for it, perhaps a deer roast, mashed potatoes, wild rice, green beans with almonds, corn and black bean salad, carrots in maple syrup or yams with cranberries and apples, and Waldorf salad (my variation of it). Then pumpkin pie, pumpkin-chocolate bread, apple pie. That should do it. Planning on between 18-23 people.

How are your plans coming?  Got your menu planned?

Last year's table.

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Nance said...

Wow Sue! The table will be groaning with all that food. It all sounds so good and bet you can't wait to have your son and family home. We are going to our daughter and SIL's 5 miles away. We will take the turkey, dressing and gravy. All 4 of our children will be there and will bring the other fixings. The temps are to be in the 50s so looking forward to a great day. We don't often get them all together anymore so will try for a group photo of the grandchildren. Crossing my fingers. Happy Thanksgiving Sue to you and yours!

Quinn said...

That sounds like a feast, and your last year's table looks splendid!

Granny Sue said...

Nance, the same to you and yours! We'll have most of our here, and like you it's a rarity to get even half of them in one place at one time, so I am really lookng forward to it.

Granny Sue said...

Quinn, I hope your day is rain-free and beautiful!

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