Thursday, November 21, 2019

Another Storytelling Night

I'm on the road again today, this time to Wytheville, VA, to participate in their Tellabration event.

Tonight, 7:00pm, at Oracle Books. Be there or be square, as a disc jockey used to say in my teenage years!

Looking forward to the drive down south, as it's been quite a while since we've been to Wytheville--at least 4 years, I believe.

I'll be telling with friends Wendy Welch and Jack Beck, former owners of the successful Little Book Store of Big Stone Gap.

Image result for Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap

Wendy wrote a fascinating book about their lives as book store owners in an increasinly digital world. Both are storytellers and balladsingers; Jack is from Scotland, and brings his culture alive with his stories and songs.

Should be an interesting evening!

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  1. Enjoy!!!

    Ahhhh, book stores... In this (small-ish) city, we had a long running used book store. The old fashioned kind. It was...So unique... "Jam packed" as the saying goes. The owner died sadly.....

    Wonder if such, will eventually die out? A sad "wonder", but.....

    Anyway, enjoy!

    And I love the look of that lady. I'll bet she gives a lot of hugs! My kind of gal. -smile-


  2. Oh and please tell me, the name of those lovely battery powered candles you have on your mantle.

    They look more like real candles, than the battery powered ones I have seen! Than the one I have...! Never got another, since it is such a "bust." LOL

    Please and thank you.


  3. Sounds like a good time. Thanks for the info about another book for me to find...

  4. Did they have a blog? I don't think I read a book about that store but I seem to remember reading some kind of ongoing chronicle.
    Have fun, Sue!

  5. Love Wytheville-miss it since I moved to Indy.
    Love the theatre...and even the Cracker Barrel is a good one...
    love your blog


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