Thursday, April 9, 2020

Covid Journal, Day 26: I Think

It is Day 26 of this journal, isn't it? Like so many of you, the days are blurring together more than usual.

Today dawned windy and cloud-covered, and a cold 50 degrees to boot. The wind has not let up all day, although the clouds have cleared. I hear we may be in for a light frost tonight, and they've mentioned snow...a word I could do without right now as the apple and cherry trees are blooming along with so many other things. But that's not all the bad news. Apparently next week will continue the cold trend. I was afraid of this, with spring arriving far earlier than it should have.

There was  a wild, wild storm again last night, really quite violent. I could hear booming and crashing that wasn't just the lightning and thunder. There was some heavy hail and pouring rain too. This morning this sight greeted our eyes:

This tree looked fine, but it's rotten up the center. We were lucky in that it missed the cellar house, but we see another tree right behind that building that must be cut soon or it will certainly fall on the cellar. Our good neighbor brought over a chain saw for us to use, since Larry's saw bit the dust last month, after about 33 years of service. So he's cutting up the felled giant today in between gusts of wind. And I am researching chain saws as we really can't live here without one.

This was the only damage we saw, although our neighbor said that along the 2 miles of ridge road between our homes, there were several trees that had fallen and already been cut out of the way by other neighbors, probably so the mail could get through.

Otherwise, everything here looks fine.  The little cherry is blooming.

And the dogwood is in bloom. I need to go for a drive just to see what's out!

Lots of debris from the big maple, but otherwise no damage. I thought I heard a branch fall last night, but apparently what I heard was that big tree.

In other news, the birdseed I ordered online came the other day and the birds are happy again.

The seedcakes should arrive next week, and that will make Mr. Noisy quiet down. He raised Cain when there's no seedcake for him.

That's really all that's going on here today. I've worked on paperwork catchup, and have done a little painting and baked bread, but that's about it. a quiet, slow day.

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  1. Lots of friends from Monroe county posted pictures of terrible hail from the storm.

  2. I just read that your mother was an English war was mine. My mother was on the first ship to land in NYC from England with war brides....the SS Argentina. I still have family in England, we keep in touch, but I haven't been over since 1997. My mother always said that she never realized what she had done, leaving her whole family over the ocean.

    1. Thanks for getting in touch, Hilary! Mom came over on the Queen Mary. She arrived in early March of 1946.Do you have any of the paper things from the ship? Mom kept it all--her berth assignment, dining, ship newsletters, etc. I am very glad we have been to England to visit. My parents thought they'd move back and live in England, but once babies started coming that was the end of that dream.

  3. I am glad that really bad hail missed us! I have heard some tales of the damage too.

  4. Lucky!!!!!

    Not on computer as much,
    due to *achy* back.
    But reading some posts,
    And hate to read,
    Without even a tiny comment.
    Gentle hugs

  5. Birdseed was the thing that made me go out yesterday. I had a list from two weeks of being home, but running out of birdseed was what clinched it. One store, quick trip, facemask and gloves. Got the birdseed and laundry detergent and a couple of other things, but still no toilet paper or paper towels. I always buy both in bulk just before winter, and haven't bought any since, but my supply of both is now running out. I hoped people would have stopped hoarding by now, but maybe not.


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