Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Back in the kitchen: Soups

43 and cleat, with a heavy dew after a moonlit night. The moon should be full tonight or tomorrow night. 

I am in the kitchen again,  this time making soups and some sweet pepper relish with the last of the peppers.

Yesterday I made two soups: corn chowder and potato leek. I used all the leeks we grew as there really isn't a good way to preserve them. Last year I dried them but they do lose a lot of their flavor that way. I used our own chicken broth, potatoes, corn and onions too so the only thing  storebought was celery.

I canned the chowder but refrigerated the other soup and will freeze it today. Its so handy to have soups ready to use like this. 

So all that awaits me now is the pepper relish. A new recipe and I do hope we like it as it will take some time to chop all those peppers...a good half bushel of them.

So its time to chop chop! And get to work on this beautiful October day.

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  1. Nice colours in those trees. You soups sounds great, tis the season for lots of soup. :)


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