Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Leap Day

54°f, 12°C this morning, thunder, lightning, heavy rain, wind. March is coming in like a lion.

Too much water! The rain came down so heavily it overflowed the culvert and raced down our drive and all over the place. Flood warnings are in effect and I bet low-lying areas will be affected. 

Grace is on Day 2 of testing the last day of the bar exam. I am sending good energy and vibes her way. Today, I understand, it is all multiple choice, while yesterday was essays. I am not sure which I would prefer. 

It has been years since I took a test. I was a good test taker, probably because I learned excellent study skills from the nuns. Those skills served me well in storytelling too. I am completely happy that those days of studying are behind me, and I can just read for pleasure now. 

Speaking of which, one thing I read most days is The Book of Days by Kay and Marshall Lee. My copy, which is water-damaged, was illustrated by Kate Greenway. It is an eclectic collection of stories, legends, facts, and odd tidbits, following the year day by day. The book starts the year, interestingly, on March 1.

So for tomorrow, the story is about St. Brigid of Ireland. 

   Brigid, from the website Christian Iconography

Brigid complained to St. Patrick that it was unfair that women could not propose marriage to men. To quiet her, Patrick decreed that women could make proposals only on Leap Day. So next Leap Day, Brigid proposed to Patrick. He refused her, but to soften the blow he gave her a silk gown. Which led to a custom held for many years, that if a woman proposed to a man on Leap Day and he turned her down, he was required to give her a silk dress. Personally, I think some very clever woman made up the story, and her sisters benefited! 

And did you know, Leap Day comes on Sunday only 13 times every 400 years?  Next time it will fall on Sunday will be in 2032.  Thursdays, like this year, also happen 13 times within the same cycle.

I am feeling much better today. That bug seems to have just about run its course, thank goodness. On this rainy day, I think I will work on ebay stuff---listing, and working on the big cleanout in my ebay room. I am making progress although probably no one can tell but me. Onward!

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  1. And it would have been my mother's 27th birthday!

  2. Well that reminded me of Saddie Hawkins and the girls asking the boys out. But I checked, and that was supposed to be in November. I got asked once, but I was committed to Sue at the time. And it was also a blind thing, so I'll never know whom I turned down.

  3. Thanks to you and AC for straightening out Saddie Hawkins (which I learned through the comic L'le Abner...and Brigid (never knew she was even involved with St. Patrick! But leap day is a great day for shy women to have opportunities.

  4. Finally for a change, we will have a dry day...too much rain last two weeks..still cold though.

  5. Oh that Patrick. Little did he know what he missed!

  6. I am ready for February to be done and March to begin. It is still windy and cold, but tomorrow is the start of a warm up.


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