Friday, September 28, 2007

Hurricane Hazel: October 15, 1954

It was Hurricane Hazel that I remembered in my Centreville ramblings. A quick search of the internet turned up lots of information about that storm.

Even though I was three when it struck, my memories are vivid. I remember the wind blowing us around--we thought it was fun. I remember Mom calling us inside and making us all sit around the table. I remember the wind shrieking around outside, and the sudden quiet. I remember the yard blanketed with hailstones that were as big as my little hand could hold. I remember laughing and licking the ice and being surprised that the hailstones tasted a little salty. I remember Mom's panic as she herded us back into the house--we'd been out playing in the eye of the storm, and it hit us again with renewed fury. We huddled inside as the house shook. Dad wasn't there and I don't think he came home for days because he was a lineman and he'd have been out working on repairs.

All that was recalled by that one mention of a hurricane in the Centreville post. Amazing.

There are many places to find out more about Hazel. One website is devoted to people's stories about the storm. Reading it now, I am astounded that our little house survived that terrible storm. Many others apparently did not.

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