Thursday, October 4, 2007

National Storytelling Festival: Off to See the Wizards!

Well, sort of. We won't have much time at the National Storytelling Festival, and we're doing it the inexpensive way--only attending the Midnight Cabaret and Ghost Stories events.

That's okay with me. My real goal is to see my storytelling friends from all over the US (and even from overseas) who will be making the trek to Jonesborough, Tennessee to attend the festival. I intend to sit in the cafes along the street, drink coffee and talk to people. Maybe visit the NSN booth and talk to people. Go to dinner with Ellouise and her husband and talk. Get the feeling I need to re-connect? You'd be right.

For the past three years I've focused my storytelling within my state, with a few forays out-of-state. It's been a good thing as I've developed stories and networks closer to home. But I miss that wider community of tellers, the energy that comes from contact with many diverse styles and interests in storytelling fields. I'm ready for a recharge.

So we'll leave Friday afternoon, find our bed-and-breakfast, and get ourselves to J'boro in time to catch Shelia Kay Adams' cabaret session. Nothing like good old mountain ballads and stories late at night to set a person's soul aright.

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Tim said...

Brilliant. Why didn't I think of that? What a great way to recharge... and save some money in the process.

Now, if there was only an inexpensive way to get from California to Tennessee....

Have fun!

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