Thursday, October 4, 2007

Stories from Strangers: The Big Potato

After the first day of storytelling at the festival was over, many of the tellers went to visit Lambert's winery on Gee Lick Road near Weston. (I wrote about Lambert's in my August 10th post).

While we were there, the owner told us this tale:

Seems there was a man who decided to plant potatoes. He plowed, cultivated, planted, weeded, fertilized and mulched religiously all summer. When the time came to harvest his crop, he was disappointed to find that only one plant had developed tubers. He began digging--and digging--and digging. He discovered that there was only one potato on that vine, but it was big that although he dug all day he couldn't dig it up.

The next morning he brought in a backhoe, and the potato was finally pulled from the ground. That potato was so big that the man and his family ate on it all winter. Come springtime, they still had a lot of potato left.

They decided to cut it up into pieces for planting the next year's crop. But when they cut into that potato,
twenty-six sheep came out of the center of that potato. They'd been living in there and eating potato all winter, and were as fat and healthy as any sheep you might want to see.

So sayeth our host! A great tall tale, told well.

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