Monday, November 5, 2007

The Little Green Car Stopped

...but only for the weekend. After 213,000+ miles, she needed a new clutch and starter. What are the odds that both would wear out at the same time?

So she spent the weekend in neighbor Tim's garage, and today she's back on the road again. The parts were costly but the labor was trade for Larry's blockwork. Barter is alive and well on Joe's Run.

Dirty car, dirty bus--our gravel road means my car is seldom clean. Note to self: never buy a dark-colored car again. This time I cheated and took it through the automatic wash, knowing full well that it will be dirty again before I make it to the house. As my mother used to say, at least it will be clean dirt.

Into the deep...

Clean car, clean bus!

and ready for the next 50,000 or so miles.

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