Thursday, December 20, 2007

Getting to Know Iraq

I listen to the news and try to figure out just where they are talking about in relation to where my son is stationed. Diyala province for example--exactly where is it? I found a map of all the provinces and now I can see exactly how far away each news report is from Tikrit.

This map is from the following website:

Click on it to see an enlarged version.

The military posted this map, which shows many of the major cities. It's so odd to see places I learned about in ancient history and know that my son is there now. He brought back pictures before of some of the sites he's seen, like the Hanging Gardens. So ancient, so threatened, so beautiful.
What should be one of the most treasured parts of our world is instead a battleground. It's sad and frightening to think what people are willing to do to get their own way.

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