Thursday, December 20, 2007

Time to Send Your Troubles for the New Year's Fire

It's time again to send your troubles to be burned in our New Year's Fire.

This is, I think, the 7th year we have done this and each year many people send things to be burned. Most just tell us "BURN THIS" and we do, sending a little prayer along with the paper to fly heavenward with the flames.

You can burn your troubles--a job you hate, a job you lost, a relationship gone sour, bad health, whatever you want to get rid of in your life--by sending me an email at , or add a comment to this post and I'll see that it gets to the fire. Please feel free to forward this message on to friends and family who might have something to send.

New Year’s Bonfire

The wood is piled
In pyramid form
Black against black night
A match is struck
Light flares out
And circling faces shine

Slowly, slowly
Fire takes hold
The pile begins to blaze
Dark orange, red and gold
Tongues lick the velvet night
And consume the long-dry timbers

Toss the troubles in, one by one
--a job that’s lost, a child in pain
not enough money, not enough love
too much worry, too much shame
burn, burn, burn

Troubles written
On pieces of paper
Or notes that only say
“Burn this. I’ll know what it’s for.”
Toss them in, one by one
To burn in New Year’s glow
Burn, burn, burn
Let all these troubles go

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