Friday, January 11, 2008

One Minute Story: Dozing

Jimmy (name changed to protect the guilty) knew all about heavy equipment. So when the gas drilling company left a dozer on his land, Jimmy knew exactly how to start it.

That's what he did. He started up the dozer and did a lot of work he'd been wanting to do on his place. He parked the dozer in the exact place he'd found it, and even refilled the diesel tank. The drilling company would never know that their equipment had been used.

Imagine Jimmy's surprise when he received his "land disturbance" payment from the drilling company. The cost of 10 hours of dozer work was deducted from his payment!

It seems that dozers have a meter (like the one on our farm tractor) that measure how many hours the equipment has been run. Jimmy didn't think the drilling company would check.

Surprise! Instead of being smart, Jimmy was out-smarted.


Tiger Lady said...


Mike said...

So....did they hit gas on your place or not? :|

Granny Sue said...

Yes, they did. And when we run a half-mile of line, we get free gas.

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