Friday, January 11, 2008

Wonder Tales

These are not your typical wonder tales (defined as stories with magical, mystical elements). These are my wonder tales--things I wonder about, like:

How is that a person knows when another person is looking at them? Try this: as you drive on the interstate, pass someone and look at them. About 75% of the time, they will look back at you. How do they know you're looking? If you don't look at them, they won't look at you. If they look at you, you'll look at them. Try it! And let me know your results.

Here's another: why is it, when I get a sudden chill and shiver all over, do I say "someone's walking on my grave?" What's that about? I've searched online but come up with no explanation for that statement. My mother used to say it, so I assume it's a British thing. But what does a shiver have to do with someone walking on my grave? I don't even have a grave yet! (Thank goodness)

And then, what about this? I tried it and I swear it's true. Strike a match in the bathroom when it's really stinky (for 'natural' reasons) and the odor will disappear.


Why and how does this work? Try it yourself and let me know if it works for you.


Sean said...

Oh, my dear, I have been striking matches in the loo since I was old enough to strike one. Of course it works. :-)

Mary said...

My mother used to say the same thing about shivering, and she had a bit of English mixed with her German background. If she'd say someone's name by mistake, she'd say they must be thinking of her. Itchy palm, money coming. Itchy nose, going to hear news.
One year at Jonesborough, Katheryn Windham did a whole set of superstitions, and now I eat pie from the crust in, for good luck (I'll bet that one was started by a cook, not wanting her crust to go to waste).

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