Monday, January 7, 2008

One Night's Work

Working full-time means that these days I leave in the dark and get home in the dark. That's just how it is in the deep days of winter, and even though the temperatures today were in the upper 60's, it is still winter and still dark.

Since we went TV-less over two years ago, winter evenings would be pretty long if I didn't keep busy. And I keep busy--either telephoning family to catch up on news, writing on my blog, doing laundry or grocery shopping or going to my weekly writers group meeting or walking at Cedar Lakes or reading.

Here's what I've been up to tonight:
  • stop in the library's AV department to check out some ballad CDs
  • stop at the post office to mail bills, and then the grocery store on the way home
  • A quick bite of leftover soup for dinner
  • a little time for the snailmail.
  • decided to make cranberry-orange muffins before my cranberries spoiled
  • spread the leftover grated orange peel to dry for future use
  • used the oranges that I'd grated the peel from for the muffins to make Winter Salad.
  • computer time--caught up on email, wrote a blog or two, read some news and other storytellers' blogs.
  • offline to read some stories from Katherine Briggs' book Folktales of England.
  • Then back online for one last quick look, and now it's time to get ready for tomorrow.

Elizabeth Ellis, I think it was, said to be a storyteller one must do something every day to reach that goal. What did I do today? Not much, by the look of it, but each little bit adds to the whole of my days and my life.


Anonymous said...

My Day, Let's see.

Got up to help put son on the bus,
Went to the store to get eggs,
Helped with breakfast,
Got the wife out the door on time,
Did the laundry,
Did the dishes,
Cleaned the shower,
Made two loaves of Banana Butt Bread,
Jumped in with Jaime when she returned to drop off a resume at work,
Washed and fueled the car,
Picked up james, dinner and went to the park,
Came home and replaced the receptacle that was broken,
Went to help neighbor put the roof on his shed,
Fixed walkway light,
Fixed pole light,
Put part on tractor.

Thank god for coffee,


Granny Sue said...

Wow--and that was your day off! But what a nice day it sounds like. Sometimes going back to work is how we get rested.

Mike said...

You know, I kinda think in the overall scheme of things, you just can't expect everyday to be something sensational. You gotta wait your turn. If everyday was special then that would be common and not special at all.

Some days are just days, it seems, and you get through them from beginning to end without much fanfare. But somebody else had a day like this one yesterday so you could have the special one then. Now, it's somebody elses turn and you get to stand the normal watch on the world.

So you see, everyday IS special to someone, it just wasn't your day today.

Anonymous said...

Next day was not nearly so impressive. Got up, kid on bus, Jaime to work, answered phone.

WHAT? I gotta go to work? Tonight? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Ah Snap, there goes the day. Bum around the house til 5 pm, go to work, come home at 7am, back to bed, back to work, back to bed. At least I had one good day! I did get the big white tent down, but that was all...


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