Monday, January 7, 2008

Recipe: Winter Salad

This is too simple.

A friend gave me this recipe after I complimented her on the dish at a potluck lunch. She laughed and said, "Oh yeah, I'm a real cook! This is so hard to make!" Her grandmother had made it when she was young, and called it Winter Salad because it used fruits generally available in the winter.

Here's how to make it:

Peel and slice a banana, or cut it into small chunks (about 1/2")

Peel and chop an orange into 1/2" pieces.

Mix the orange and banana pieces together. Add sugar to your taste (it will depend on how sour your oranges are). Cover and refrigerate overnight. Serve.

I said it was simple! And yet so tasty. (You can add a little color when serving with maraschino cherries, but be aware that their color will quickly spread to the other fruits.) I've also added chopped yellow apple, and pineapple chunks. There are probably other fruits that can be added--use your imagination.


Mary said...

My late mother-in-law used to make this salad every Christmas Eve, to have ready for Christmas morning breakfast, something quick and tempting to make sure her boys would eat amid all the excitement of gifts. We'd sometimes add coconut also. Of course, since I can't have bananas now, I'd have to change it -- darn that latex allergy! -- but there are many other nice fruits, pears for example. As long as I can still have chocolate, all will be well.

Granny Sue said...

Aha, Mary! add chocolate to it? I'm trying to envision it :-)

I like the idea of coconut, and pears too. Both would be good additions.

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