Thursday, February 21, 2008

A True Story

A story from right here in Jackson County, West Virginia, as told by Delmer Hutton, who was one of our best natural storytellers:

A man lost his milk cow, and couldn't find her anywhere. There was a revival going on at the church so he went on to the tent.When he got there he asked, "Preacher, would you mind to tell them about my lost milk cow? She needs milked because she's been gone two full days now. I'm mighty worried about her."

The preacher said he would--it wasn't an unusual request since everyone in the area would be in the tent and someone was likely to know where the cow was.

The service started and as the preacher preached on and on the old man nodded off. The preacher began to wax eloquent about the importance of faithfulness. He mentioned his own wife, who had left him a few weeks previously, an left their four children behind.

"She's gone, she's gone, I know not where," wailed the preacher. The old man jerked awake at these words, and thinking that the preacher was speaking of his cow, he stood up and said,

"Preacher, you might want to tell them she's only got three tits!"

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