Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Weekend with the Girls

We had a houseful this weekend. Haley, Hannah, and Jared spent the weekend with us to welcome Tommy home from Germany. We all shared breakfast at our favorite breakfast spot, the Downtowner, then the two guys took off for the Big City (Charleston), and Larry and the girls and I went junking.

What did we find? More to the point, what did Hannah find, because she is Shopper Girl. Hannah found:
  • a heart shaped pendant at Rachel's antique store (and Haley found a cross pendant there)
  • a cute green purse with a little pouch for her Go phone
  • two--count 'em, two--makeup kits for little girls with nail polish and all sorts of stuff, brand new at the resale shop, and a make-up bag
  • a "Support Our Troops" magnet for my car (but Haley claimed it for her locker)
  • highly decorated and caloried Valentines cupcakes
  • A stained glass-framed mirror with cracks in the glass

When we got home, Haley took off with the camera and snapped this great shot of a cardinal and mourning dove on the feeder.

Then she got into taking photos of herself, and editing them on the computer so she could post the pictures to her MySpace (kids that young have MySpace? yep).

On Sunday:

Hannah and I got to work on the mirror, and came up with a fairly good repair job on it.

Later, Larry had to go down to a neighbor's house, but he wasn't going alone! Hannah was right there with him. No car leaves here without Shopper Girl!

What else? Talking with Tommy about Germany and making plans, cooking, reading, laundry and all the other mundane things that must be done before the work week starts again.
It was a very fun, very full weekend.

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