Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why I Was Late to Work Today

The snow has been coming down for two days, although not a lot and not steadily. Just enough to make driving hazardous and snowing most heavily just at commute-time.

This morning wasn't too bad, or so I thought. I allowed extra time,took it slow, stopped for gas. The interstate was not clear, but again it wasn't bad.
Then traffic stopped. I saw the lights ahead and realized that no traffic had passed on the opposite side of the highway for some time. Both side of the interstate were blocked, and that usually means a bad wreck, and usually involves a tractor trailer.

We sat for an hour before traffic finally moved again, and then we passed this:

photo from

This vehicle tried to pass a tractor-trailer, lost control and both ended up in the median. I sent up prayers as I passed, knowing that the people in the SUV were probably in very serious condition.

Later at work, I learned that both of the occupants of the SUV had died. I also got a phone call, telling my that my grandson had tipped his Jeep up on its side after sliding on an icy road. He wasn't hurt, and the damage to his vehicle is minor. He was lucky, if it's luck that controls such things.

I often think about how we put ourselves in death's way every day, just getting into our vehicles. We hurtle down highways at high speeds, passing just inches from tons of steel hurtling in the other direction. Anything can cause a sudden change of control, spinning one into the other. Deer and dogs can dart from roadsides, loads fall from trucks, tires blow out.

But to work I must go, and so each day I buckle up and get back into the fray, hoping that my guardian angel is on duty, and that those I love make their journeys safely too.

For those two people who lost their lives this morning, prayers are the only thing I can offer. And I will, each time I pass the place between Kenna and Goldtown on Interstate 77 where they left this world behind.

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