Saturday, March 22, 2008

The End-of-the-World-Turn

That's what we call this curve in our road: the end of the world turn. Because as you approach, it seems that the road simply drops off the edge of the world.

Blind curve? Oh yeah. I've had a few close calls here but forntuately there is just enough room on the right side of the road to get out of the way of anyone coming in the left.

I have not yet met the school bus coming around the curve because I know, like everyone else who lives up here, exactly what time the bus is running and I don't go that way until he's gone. seeing the bus on our road is quite a sight, really. I should post a photo of it sometime--it's shoulder to shoulder on the road,because there is no extra space. He travels in almost all weather except snow that's over 2 inches. His is a job I would not want.

Of course, it helps to know another vehicle is coming. That's easy at night--watch for lights. During the day there is no way to know so drivers hug their side of the road and are prepared for quick manuevering.

Strangers? They're on their own. What are they doing up here anyway?

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