Friday, March 21, 2008

Why I Like My Diet

When your son comes home from the military and looks like this, (a little sunburned, but look at those muscles!)

and is a natural foods/exercise evangelist,

you do this:

you go on a diet.

Tommy wrote a diet for Larry and me. We've been pretty good about staying on it for the past 4 weeks. Larry has lost almost 30 pounds and feels great.

Me? Well, the results aren't as wonderful, but I've lost 10 pounds and I can tell the difference in how my clothes fit. Best part: it came off the belly region first. That never has happened before on any diet I've been on.

Next best part: we like the food. It's what we've always eaten, with some modifications. What's changed is:
a) portions
b) time of day for certain foods
c) fewer carbs

And yes, strawberries are on the diet! I felt guilty about buying them at this time of year before, but not now--I'm on a diet.

Tommy plans to go to college to be a dietician and exercise therapist. We may end up being one of his best case studies. I'll post updates--good and bad--as we go along. I'm motivated: my 40th high school class reunion is next year!


Mary said...

Details!! I want details!!!
Congratulations to you both -- and Happy Easter!

bluemountainmama said...

guys always lose more... it's not fair! :) yummy strawberries! i could live with that... my favorite fruit.


Like Mary I am crying out - for details. And patting you both on the back. Ellouise

Granny Sue said...

this is tommy....details, ok, first off, one unknown fact is that to lose weight, you actually have to eat...its not about starvation, not that any of you do, its about metabolism rate...eating smaller nutritious meals throughout the day revves up metabolism as the digestive system is working all day to work down these portioned meals. Dad, i had to specialize for him being diebetic, high protein, carbs at breakfast and lunch, and adequate amount of healthy fats (almonds, avacado's, olive oil etc.)Mom is along the same but with the option for more carbs such as the strawberries at every other meal for the digestive enzymes. So, simple, eat a good breakfast and small snacks or meals every few hours after, watching how late in the day you eat carbs (4pm cutoff), that simple. Hope this helped.

Tiger Lady said...

Oh my.... tell Tommy I'm blushing. :D

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