Thursday, April 3, 2008


Watch with me for the coltsfoot bloom
early in the spring
before the freezing weather leaves,
its bright golden petals the
harbingers of sun.

Seek out the small spring beauties
softly pink and white,
like snow blushing on warming ground.
Inhale the sweetness of their scent;
step carefully around their fragile lives.

Search in dry dead leaves
for larkspur, phlox, and trout lilies.
Break the stem of bloodroot;
see the red blood spill
on white waxy blooms.

Wait for the flaming of the red fire pink,
look under green velvet leaves
for the hidden bloom of wild ginger,
glory in hillsides clothed in trillium
turning white to pink to red.

Love this place.
Love it like I do.
Dig your feet in dark damp earth,
grow roots and stay.

Photos in order: trillium, wild geranium, bluets


Tiger Lady said...

I love seeing signs of spring. Especially when my area is struggling with the start of spring. It felt like it was going to snow yesterday.

City Mouse said...

Beautiful words and beautiful photos. I love that final gorgeous picture with the blanket of blooms!

Midlife Gals said...

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KK and SalGal

Granny Sue said...

Hello everyone,

I've been away a few days and just getting to read your comments. I'm glad you like the poem CM/CH, and TigerLady. Spring has to come soon! At least today is a lovely spring day--flowers are in bloom everywhere.

MidLife Gals, welcome! I'll be by to check out your site as soon as I get a chance. Sounds like a fun place.

bluemountainmama said...

beautiful spring poem.... if everyone loved the land like that, i don't think we'd be having such an issue with mountaintop removal. it grieves me deeply that we are so careless with the very land that sustains us.

Granny Sue said...

Amen! Have you seen what they've done in Charleston to the mountain on which the airport is located? It's mountaintop removal, just to make the runways longer. I could not believe how badly that mountain has been torn up. I know the airport needed work, and anyone who has landed there in winter will be grateful for the longer runways. But it's so sad to see that beautiful hill destroyed. It would have been better to move the airport to flatter ground. Even in WV, there ARE places that could have been used. Like along the Ohio River, or in Putnam County.

bluemountainmama said...

i have seen that airstrip and thought it was an MTR sight when we drove through charleston last time. they've done similar here with corridor H.

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