Saturday, March 29, 2008

Two Sure Signs of Spring

It's March! That means it's time for the annual FFA (Future Farmers of America) Equipment Auction.

Even with temps in the 30's, people arrived early to check out the items for sale. The way the auction works: people bring items to be sold. The FFA provides auctioneers and support staff. A portion of all sales goes to the sponsoring FFA.

Three or four sale rings operate simultaneously so it's hard to figure out when to be where. This year, there seemed to be four: lawn equipment, tractors and machinery, big items out in the field and another for small items in the barn.

Last year's sale was awesome. This year? Not as many items for sale. Still, the weather was clear although chilly, and after 3 days of rain no one could plow or garden anyway.

Lots of stuff! An important part of attending auctions is identifying what you're interested in quickly, and watching for those items to come on the block. A difficult part of auctions is that there is so much stuff! It's just another form of recycling, actually. Here is one of the sale rings, in the Sheep Barn at the County Farm.

(What did we buy? I'll put that in another post.)

When we got home, I spotted a patch of bright yellow along our driveway.

What was it? Another sign that Spring is definitely here.

Coltsfoot, one of the earliest of the Spring flowers, brightened the side of the drive.

Now we need only hear the whippoorwill to know Spring has arrived in full.

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