Monday, March 10, 2008

We Think We Get Snow!

My friend Batsy (yes, Batsy, not Betsy--long story) in Idaho sent photos of the record snowfall they've had this year. Our few inches seem like nothing in comparison. Can you imagine dealing with this much snow? I think I'd be having a few snow days off from work!
Batsy reported that they have had snow rollers too. How cool is that. I'd hoped for some here, but our snow melted as quickly as it arrived. By this evening only the north slopes were white.

This photo shows how the melting snow slid off the metal roof, creating a beautiful free-form wall, complete with sideways icecycles.
Beautiful, but somehow terrifying too. How much would that much snow weigh?
These tough Idahoans either ski or snowmobile out in winter.

Her winters (although more intense, certainly) remind me of our early years on the farm when snows of 10" or more were not uncommon and we hiked in from the church over a half-mile away. Back then it was an adventure--we were young and strong. Now? I think I'd have to go into training to be able to do the things I did back then!

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loissez said...

Tried to leave a comment, but I think Google lost it when I had to create an account 1st.
Granny Sue, I'm definitely with you on not being up to this, but thanks for showing it.
Batsy, I'll admit it, in this part of Michigan I wimp out & think we have way too much winter. Glad you like it, but I'm also glad you've seen & heard signs of spring coming since your weather blows our way -- but fortunately loses some of its punch before we get it.

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