Saturday, April 19, 2008

Birds Behaving Badly

My yard is full of birds, especially in these springtime mornings. Their antics are a hoot to watch; but sometimes, these birds behave badly!

Like these two courting mourning doves, out carrying on in front of God and everybody. No shame at all.

This red-bellied woodpecker has acres of forest to work on, but this morning he chose the cellarhouse. A taste for paint?

The bluebirds, meanwhile, did not have my car to despoil since Larry drove it to work. So they've adopted the gazing ball instead, attacking the purple bird reflected in its glass with gusto (and droppings).

This cardinal is trying to look nonchalant, but he's really after the dog food in the World War I helmet! Cardinals seem to love the dog food, for some reason. There were 3 or 4 of them after it when I took this photo.


earth heart said...

At my house it's the little blue gray titmice that won't leave the dog food alone...and the muscovy ducks if they can get away with it!

Tammy said...

Love your bird post and your blog!

Virginia said...

You're lucky to have such a colorful variety. I have a lot of pigeons and some robins. It's rumored in the neighborhood that the hummingbirds are back, but they haven't stopped at my place yet.

If I walk a ways to the nearest arroya, I see quail. The roadrunners will be here, soon.

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