Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Bottle Bush Complete

Last week another surprise package arrived in the mail. I opened it, and lo! Another beautiful blue bottle! This one is from Ellouise in Maryland. It joined the collection on the porch as I searched for the perfect place to put the bottle bush. If you missed it, the original post about the bush and the folklore surrounding bottle bushes is in my March 2nd post.
First, of course, I had to find a bush to use. I decided not to use on of my living shrubs for several reasons: the limbs are very, well, limber. They bent with the weight of the bottles. Another reason was that the limbs weren't strong enough, at least in my opinion.
So I searched for a branch from one of the trees we'd cut for firewood last year. We don't cut many live trees anymore, because the ice storm 5 years ago and the drought last summer have supplied plenty of dead wood to be cut. I finally found an oak branch to my liking when Larry and I went mushroom hunting (more about that later).
The bottles go on the bush:
Larry puts on the crowning touch...

and voila! Our blue bottle bush is complete. We used an old umbrella base to anchor the branch, and placed the whole thing in the corner of the patio (don't look at the dead leaves on the ground; I haven't got it cleaned up yet.) Can you see Idaho (2nd from the top), Maryland (2nd from bottom), Kansas (right side, third one toward the center), and Nova Scotia 9it's hardest to see, but it is just above and to the right of Maryland--the bottom is facing the camera)? There's also one from Fairmont (small bottle on right), a few from Cottageville (top and center)...and a few left over!

I wondered how the bush would do in a windstorm. Would the bottles blow off? Would the branches break? Should we have put it somewhere were the bottles could get a soft landing if it tipped over? Last night a big thunderstorm blew in and I woke up several times, wondering how the bottles were doing.
When I got up, everything was intact. Whew.
Thank you, all my friends for sending and sharing bottles with me. This has been a fun project, and now we're safe from evil spirits ;-)


  1. GRANNY SUE, That is one more fine looking bottle tree you've built. An all blue tree is one of the most powerful, so I've been told, in warding off the evils. Thanks for sharing these images --- and keep us updated how things go now your tree is up and protecting.
    Terry Thornton
    Hill Country of Monroe County MS

  2. Wow, that is very pretty. And that last bottle, is a beautiful one. I can see why you were so worried. Hopefully it will stay intact.

  3. Oh I love the bottle tree. I had forgotten the thought that they would scare off evil.

  4. I discovered a shrub that didn't make it through the winter--one of my wygelias. I may move the bottles there if I get too worried about them on the patio. I like having the bottles where I can see them from the house though.

  5. Granny Sue,

    I love seeing your blue bottle bush. But did the wind make it sing/whistle ???

    Inquiring minds, etc...


  6. I didn't hear it, Kate, but now I want to know too! Next time we get wind like that, I'll go listen and let you know.

  7. After seeing your blue bottle bush I am inspired to begin collecting blue bottles for my own. I love the look. I have already confiscated two blue bottles from my niece's recycle bin. :)


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