Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Turkeys are Here!

Six of them: 5 Great White and 1 Bronze. The bronze ones are beautiful to look at, but hard as all get out to pluck--they have black pinfeathers so cleaning is a chore. Uh...yeah, these will be dinner eventually.

We used to raise 15-20 a year and sell fresh birds at Thanksgiving. I'm not ready to get back into that business yet, but I have missed having fresh turkey on our Thanksgiving table. With luck, we'll have it for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's day and a few other random times. I may even do as I did in the past, and can some of the meat. It's ready to use quickly to prepare meals when it's been canned.

Right now the little guys are in the house, waiting to get a little older and the temps outside to warm up again before we put them in the turkey house. They are very quiet, much calmer than the baby chickens were. It's fortunate that I'm off work for a while so I can get them off to a good start.


Grand Life said...

You have a very entertaining blog. I always enjoy visiting your posts. Your bottle bush is great and good luck on the turkeys.
Have a great week.

Tipper said...

I have never heard of canning turkey-if you do it this year you'll have to show pics. My husband didn't get a turkey during this year's season. So we'll be missing the fresh turkey. Have you ever tried deep frying them?

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