Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hey! Get Off My Car!

Honestly! Each year the same problem recurs. Bluebirds on my car!

They love my mirrors. They see themselves and think it's another bird. So they start fighting with the stranger who is invading their territory. Over and over, all day long, or at least as long as my car is still.

They like to sit on the roof too. You can see the results of their visits--look at my mirror!

Spring, of course, is mating season.

If you click the picture to make it larger, you can see that there is no doubt what these two are doing--on my car!

Disgusting behavior. Right in front of God and everybody, as my mother would say.

And afterward? Back to the mirror.

Both of them.

What's odd is that we've only had this problem since I got my green car. Now they like Larry's big red truck too.

I wonder what they did for fun before the car came to live here?

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