Friday, April 25, 2008

Storytelling Trip: Day 3 after the telling

This angel drew us into a cemetery outside of Shepherdstown. She watches over a family plot (Schley) in the front center of an apparently old graveyard.
Close-up of the angel's face. I'd like to have her watching over me.

Larry thought there might be Confederate graves here, and he was right. This is the Elmwood Cemetery, final resting place for 252 Confederate troops killed in the Battle of Shepherdstown and other battles in Lee's Maryland campaign.

The Unkowns were the ones that bothered me. There were many graves with this tombstone on them-

I wondered about the families who waited for these men to return, not knowing for certain what their fate had been. It had to be a terrible experience for those who waited.


City Mouse said...

Ah! You have some many great posts and wonderful pictures this week! That is a gorgeous angel. I love cemeteries - they tell such stories. Such interesting lives lived.

Tipper said...

I agree the unknown ones are so sad.

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