Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Simple Cup of Tea

Herb tea is easy to make, especially in the Spring.

Pick a few sprigs of the herbs you want to use. I picked some lemon balm (it's almost a weed here, it proliferates so easily) and bergamot (also called bee balm and also spreads easily.

Once you've decided your mix if herbs, decide how strong you want your tea. The herbs are stronger in the Spring, so it takes less. I used 2 sprigs of lemon balm and 2 of bergamot for my mug.

Rinse your herbs and shake them dry, then put in a cup and cover with boiling (not just hot) water. My mother always said that is the mistake Americans make so often when making tea--they use hot water and not boiling, so the tea leaves can't steep properly.

Let the tea steep for about 3 minutes or until you think it's the strength you like, then lift out or strain the herbs out of the liquid. You might like your tea sweet, so add sugar or honey to your taste. Honey can overpower the delicate taste of most herb teas, so use it sparingly and use a light honey variety if you can (like clover honey or orange blossom honey).

Your tea is ready to drink!

Herbs can be dried for winter teas, but you will miss the incredible clear flavor of fresh-picked sprigs.


Tipper said...

Thank you for explaining how to make the tea. I have both growing in my yard-but thought I had to dry the leaves first. Can't wait to try the tea!

Grand Life said...

Love your earlier post about the old cemetery. I love them. Great post on herbal tea. When my insomnia kicks in herb tea is about the only thing that will cure it. I really enjoy your blog.

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

That does it, I'm going to buy some lemon balm and bergamot from my herbalist friend who just so happens to be having a sale at her green house next week.

I bet that tea is refreshing hot or iced!

Have a great ☼day!

bluemountainmama said...

great advice.... thanks! i have some mint right outside the door.... i'll have to give it a try. i just bought some yummy white tea with lemon balm, too.

Granny Sue said...

Iced is excellent--just remember to boil the water. My English mother was a stickler about that!

This is a great time to pick and dry blackberry and raspberry leaves for tea, too. Both make an excellent tea. I'm partial to blackberry leaves, but raspberry are supposed to have medicinal properties for women.

Robbyn said...

I LOVE fresh herb tea! Just bought a starter of lemon balm a couple days ago, and we added Yerba Buena (remember the "jibbaweena?" ha) this year to the mints. Our raspberry and blackberry canes are kind of puny as of yet and barely have enough leaves to glean...

I used to make up a batch of plantain and thyme tea for bronchitis relief when I lived UP in the Deep South :)

Granny Sue said...

I have not heard of plantin and thyme for bronchitis, Robbyn. What kind of plaintain do you use?

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