Monday, April 28, 2008

Storytelling Trip: Day 4

Saturday was a booming day for the Leesburg Flower and Garden Festival, we were told, but Sunday? You can see for yourself how it was. The rain did not stop all day, but brave souls ventured out anyway--and a few foolish ones, too, like my sister Theresa and me.

Our first stop was at the display created by Theresa's former professors and their students from Northern Virginia Community College. Their gazebo featured a green roof of drought-resistant plants. Lovely! They won 2nd place this year, so they were very happy. The frenetic night before stretched into the frenetic early morning--they completed their display at 6:30 am Saturday morning, just before the show officially opened.

This is the winning entry, by a company called Wildwood Landscape. I liked this stone structure with two small waterfalls, and the mossy logs edging the front of the gardens. And all this constructed between 6pm and 8am on Friday-Saturday--amazing. I'm pretty sure my brickmason husband could build something similar, if he ever had the time. He's built several things with stone around the house--flowerbeds, the patio, the fireplace...surely this would not be much of a challenge?

Back at Jon's to dry out, and to play with Baxter, the golden retriever who considers their home his castle. Kate taught Baxter a new trick--balancing a dog treat on his nose, and waiting for the signal to Go! He then flips the treat into the air and catches it. Larry loved it--well, he loves Baxter anyway, the dog is so loving and willing to please. The first time Larry saw Bax do his trick, he just shook his head. "That dog isn't right," he said, with a wide, wide grin of approval.

That evening we took Jon to BWI to fly out to Las Vegas. I looked back over the day and had to laugh at the variety of activities, from a quiet breakfast with Jon's family, the flower show and tea with Theresa at a nice little tea room in Leesburg (to take off the chill of the rain--and talk), to the bustling airport at Baltimore, and back again to enjoy a little time with the kids before bed.

As I hit the pillow, I wondered what Day 5 of our journey would bring.

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