Friday, May 2, 2008

Sunday Walk, Part 2

Although the ice storm was five years ago in 2003, the forest still bears many scars from the devastation caused by the heavy ice. Many trees still look oddly shaped because their tops broke off with the weight of ice, or their branches were broken or sheared off. But the downed trees have provided habitat for many new plants to gain a footing in soil once completely shaded by the tree canopy.

Like these:

A single wild geranium bloomed in a hidden gully, surrounded by dropped redbud and geranium petals.

A rock with odd markings caught my eye. It almost looked like the age rings in a tree.
Redbud arbor. The bent tree is one more reminder of the ice storm, but it makes a graceful frame for the redbud.

Anyone home? It didn't look like it. A young oak looks like a red flower by the entrance to this little cave.

Fiddleheads unfurling in the morning sun. These will grow into beautiful ferns.

Deadwood and new wood. Notice the little tree sprouting to the left. Hickory, I think?

Rattlesnake weed had already dropped it's blossoms. There are several plants in the US with this same common name; it seems almost every region has their own.

I am wondering if the little clover-like plant under the leak in the center is what a friend of mine referred to as Mary-cut-her-thumb? He said it was plant whose leaves were tinged with red, and the story was that Mary cut her finger while gathering greens and the drops of blood tinged the leaves. I haven't been able to find any information online about a plant by that name.

The spring Larry found is beginning to run clear after he cleaned its opening. A good 1/2" of water ran in a steady stream from this spring.

And finally, back to work spreading the mulch.


Beemoosie said...

What beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing! I really enjoyed your blog!

Tipper said...

Love the picture of the spring. Growing up we had gravity water fed from a spring way up the mountain. Such good water-but such a pain in the winter when it would freeze!

Peggy said...

Great photos! Reminds me of the place where I grew up.

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