Friday, May 16, 2008

Hannah's Photos

These are my granddaughter Hannah's photos, taken at various times with my camera. At 10, she's developing an eye for what makes a good picture.

Luna Moth on the window screen. I love the purple edging against bright green. A Master hand at work here.

Polyphemus moth. I had to search for this one, since I don't know the moths very well at all. This is actually a wild silk moth--who knew? It's colors are gorgeous; since its wings are folded, you can't see the large "eye" spots on its lower wings.

We were surprised by this image that downloaded one day from the camera. I'm not sure what she did, but it's spooky--especially when we played with color. This is the actual photo she took--we decided that it was better than the ones we altered.

Will she or won't she go in? That's the question. Hannah watched this Eastern bluebird fly to and from the birdhouse as if making up her mind about moving in.

A pair of bluebirds has been courting for weeks in my garden, and evidently decided it was time to set up housekeeping.
Here she inspects the premises, and the view.
Was it to her liking? What did she think of the neighbors (us)?

Apparently it passed muster--
in she goes!

Will she stay? I don't know. I try not to disturb nesting birds so I've steered clear of this birdhouse as I work in the garden.
I hope, though, that there will be baby bluebirds born in this little condo this Spring.

Thank you, Hannah, for the great shots!


Tipper said...

Hannah is a natural!! Great Photos!

Anonymous said...

I recall running down that driveway myself...

If city mouse/country house (or anyone else) would like to see more pics of the viaduct/trestle and the attendant ghost town of Hammond, WV have him throw me an email at and I will pass on the website where they can be viewed. Thanks for posting it.


Grand Life said...

Hannah's are great. We have one. I love the photo of the stream and the bridge.
Have a great week.

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