Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Poppy for a Veteran

The sign in front of John's Lube lists soldiers' names,
those who are soon returning home.
And every day I drive past I wonder
if I will ever see the name of my son
posted in celebration.

Today I checked the sign and here is what I saw:

my son, listed first, with the others all returning soon.

Nothing fancy, this sign.

But to the families of soldiers, a blessed sight.

In the garden at my home, the poppies seem to know
it's time to bloom.


MK Stover said...


City Mouse said...

Awesome! Welcome home to your son from us too!

Tipper said...

How Wonderful!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Yippee! We're counting the days!!!! Jackie and I can't wait! Hope we see all of you soon!
Love, Julie/Aunt Julie

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