Monday, May 5, 2008

Tale of a Tired Storyteller: Grafton

This is the future home of The Grafton 1-2-3, a coffeeshop that is owned by my friend MK Stover. I've been following her progress online and thought it would be fun to run into Grafton, sneak a quick photo and surprise her with it online. It's looking good, MK! I especially like the stonework, but I could see why it needed some shoring up.

Haley and Hannah spotted the caboose mini-museum to Grafton's railroading history.

The girls had to explore, of course, and so did Larry.

All Aboard!

My son Aaron has been telling me about the many brick making places there used to be in north-central West Virginia. He's recently hiked back to the former brick making town of Hammond, now a ghost town and not accessible by auto. In Grafton, there are still a few brick streets that have not been paved.

I will be back in the Grafton area on June 28th to tell stories at Tygart Lake State Park. MK, I'll stop by again to take a peek at your progress.

We left Grafton and headed east on US 50 towards our actual destination: Rowlesburg. I snapped a quick picture of this little cabin under renovation along the road, but this was one of the few times I didn't try to get Larry to turn around so I could get a better shot. After 20-some years, I know better than to push my luck.


City Mouse said...

That is a super cool building - the stone at the back is gorgeous. The brick too. Seems like a right cool little coffee shop! (And I enjoyed reading about the monster via the shop's website.)

Granny Sue said...

MK will apreciate your comments, CM. She's doing the same thing you are--gutting and rebuilding. So your comments will have more meaning, I'm sure.

MK Stover said...

Wow! I'm trying to catch up with blog reading this morning and I come over to one of my favorite blogs to see what's going on and -Hey!- there's The 123! How cool is that?
Thank you for stopping by - I wished I'd known you were coming through; I'd have given you the tour and maybe even a cup of coffee (from my upstairs office pot).
Let me know what your schedule is when you come toward the end of June; I'd like to see you at the park, but also if you have time, you can get a closer look at the Coffee House. I should have the tile laid by then....


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