Thursday, June 5, 2008


The rains finally stopped late last night. It was quite a day, with high winds, heavy rain, mudslides and flooding in a wide area of West Virginia.

Here are some photos from my trip home from work today:

This first one was taken in town, just off the side of the road. Mill Creek runs right through Ripley; seven watershed dams built in the county now control the creek so that the town seldom floods--but the water still gets very high in heavy rains. I remember how it was before the dams--many houses would suffer damage. Now it's just a lot of water.

At the middle school soccer field, the word "guest" on the scoreboard must refer to these geese, taking a leisurely swim down the field.
On Joe's Run, the water was still in the road at one spot. Apparently the culvert is stopped up. This place was interesting to drive through yesterday with water all over the road for a good distance.

Further up, evidence of the clean-out the ditches got from the violent rush of water yesterday. This ditchline must be plugged up since the water continues to run into the road.

On my porch, the bottle that caught so much water. I wonder exactly how much rain we got? This measured six inches and I'm sure it isn't an accurate measure.

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