Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Waiting Game

The 111th Engineers of the Army National Guard (out of Buffalo/Eleanor, WV area) are back in the USA. Currently the unit is at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin, preparing for their return home. My son is in that unit.

That is all the news we have so far. We are not sure when the tropps will get to West Virginia but it should be within days. To me they're home already, back on US soil. I expect a collective sigh went up from all parents, children and other family members when the planes landed.

We're in a waiting game now, wondering when the phone will ring and when we'll go to the airport to pick him up. Or will he just walk in the door, surprising us all?

It was a long year, but this time there were no unexpected extensions of the tour like what happened in 2003-2004. The troops are home exactly one year after they left.

I know there will be at least three really happy kids within the week--and one relieved Mom.


Kate Dudding said...

Dear Granny Sue,

I've been holding my breath for you guys. SO GLAD TO HEAR Derek in stateside!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Just like you said a huge sigh of relief when I heard Derek was back in the US! Give him a hug and kiss from us when you get to see him.


Hugs to you and the family - - something wonderful is coming.

Tipper said...

So glad he and the others are back in the US.

City Mouse said...

This is wonderful news to hear! I'm so happy for you - what a neat gift for the Summer. I'll be waiting for more news!

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