Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Storyteller's Journey: Grafton

At the newly restored railroad museum,

Keith Maynard told railroading stories to a good crowd.

Down the street at the Grafton 1-2-3, Paul Stover showed us around the renovation work underway to create a new coffeehouse. Plenty to see!

A view of a downtown Grafton street. This old town is rising again after years of economic hardship. There are many beautiful buildings with fancy brick and woodwork in town--some are beyond repair while others, like the 1-2-3, have found new owners committed to preserving the town's history. The railroad museum is outstanding and the railyard is still a busy place, although nothing like its heydays.

The mighty Tygart River looks serene in this photo taken near downtown Grafton.

I loved this pink house--not because its pink, but because in the front was a sign that said "Live Bait" and another that read: "Worms, Nightcrawlers and Minnows." What a funny contrast with the girly pink paint!

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