Thursday, September 25, 2008


Lift the latch,

Hand-forged or hand-hewn,

Come inside

to watch the stars above

in a barn 150 years old.

This is the barn on my son Derek's place. Handhewn beams and latches, put together with pegs instead of nails, it withstood the winds of time and change.

Don't you love it? Sometime soon I need to go inside and take pictures of the stars from the inside out. They are amazing. Think about the farmer who toiled with hand tools, but still had the artistic drive to cut those stars out of oak boards.

Why? Because they would be beautiful.

Now that's an artist.


Janet said...

I love the old barn.

Anonymous said...

I've never been close enough to see the stars. Georgous.


Kathy said...

"Now that's an Artist" - how true, how true. I love old barns, and old houses. I always wonder what the people that yesteryears where like, what they did for a living, how many children they had, etc.

Hadn't been by to see your place in several days so thought I'd stop in and see what you've been up to and say Howdy.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Cheryl Kobe said...

Still standing, still sturdy, still beautiful after 150 years.

Matthew Burns said...

Ohhhhhhh. A German Hex Sign in Jackson County!!! Now I'm excited. I thought only the German settlements in and around Pendleton County had those.

For all who don't know, German hex signs can come in different shapes, colors, etc. and each one sybolizes something different. For example, Star shapes are the hex signs that symbolize protection against fires and lightning, good fortune and harmony.

Someone must have had some German blood or at least believed in German witches.


Granny Sue said...

I didn't even think about that, Matthew! I just liked the stars. The same barn builder was apparently active in the area because I've seen one or two others with the same star pattern.

So is the barn protected against good fortune and harmony? :-)

(I know, quit being a smart aleck, Granny.)

tipper said...

Very neat barn-I do like thinking about the farmer who thought to put the star there-even if he was protecting his family from evil.

Matthew Burns said...

I reckon my infamous three-finger typing got the better of me in my previous comment. But at least you could foller my train of thought.

To quote Bugs Bunny "You are a stinker!"


City Mouse said...

That IS beautiful - these old structures are so solid too. Our old house was farmer-built (over-built, LOL), and it is strong as the day it was born. I always feel like you can see a bit of the builder in these.

Deborah Wilson said...

A beautiful barn. One thing about it, if the stars are German hex signs, it seems that they have worked their magic well all of these years!

Tracey said...

Love the old barn!!

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