Friday, September 26, 2008

Reading Review: A Goodly Half Dozen

Many days it seems like I have little time to read print materials. I have to be able to read in short bursts, and I prefer to read something I can finish. Magazines and journals fit that bill nicely. Here are some of my favorites:

Appalachian Heritage, published by Berea College (KY) and edited by George Brosi. For keeping up with Appalachian Literature, new voices and excellent poetry and prose, Appalachian Heritage is one of the best resources. Published quarterly, each issue offers in-depth information on a featured author, poetry, stories, literary criticism, and reviews of recent publications.

ABZ is a poetry journal published through Marshall University (WV). The poetry offerings are diverse; according to their submission guidelines, they prefer " interesting and exciting language." This little gem is published annually. (no cover view available online, unfortunately).

Book Links is a must for children's librarians, teachers and storytellers. The journal focuses on a theme for each issue; the latest issue celebrates the arts. Each issue includes reviews of children's literature on the selected topic, suggested lists of books for programs, interviews with authors and more. I was introduced to Book Links as a librarian, but now I have a personal subscription. A little pricey at about $40.00 for a year (published bi-monthly), I think it is worth every penny for anyone involved with children's literature or programming.

Goldenseal is West Virginia's premier folk life magazine. Published by the WV Division of Culture and History, this quarterly publication is filled with history, folklore, vintage photos, book reviews and more. It's a quality publication and worth every penny of its low $18 subscription rate.

Poetry Magazine is published by The Poetry Foundation. Another one on the pricey side, Poetry offers poetry from around the world, exposing its readers to new voices, themes and rhythms, along with author interviews, book reviews and literary criticism. At $35 a year, it's a little expensive , but this is still one of my favorite reads.

Rattlesnake Review: I just got my first copy of Rattlesnake Review, and I love it! It's cheeky, varied and just plain unusual for a poetry journal. Although focusing mainly on the poets of Northern California, the Review also includes the work of poets outside of California (even me! one of my poems is in the current issue--how cool is that?).


Kathy said...

I found your country road rules - how true, how true. Country life and country road rules are the same no matter where in this country you live. Isn't it amazing how when you drive down a country road everyone waves and when your "in town" no one waves. Country folk know what manners are.

Thanks for sharing that with me.

Granny Sue said...

You're welcome, Kathy. Feel free to post them on your blog if you want to. They're a nice follow-up to the other list, aren't they? and the comments were just as good!

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