Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cidermaking : Part 1

Morning dawned with a heavy dew and lots of promise.

The cider-making crew got to work, even though afternoon temps were in the high 80's. Our mill was bought second-hand--the lady had only used it once. These Jaffrey mills are still available brand new. (I wonder how much a new one costs, though.)

Apples in the grinder...

..equals cider in the jug. Mmmmm, good!

And the day ended as beautifully as it began. Except that after only a few hours work, we had about 15 gallons of cider in the freezer.


Terry Thornton said...

Interesting post about cider days in the mountains!

I notice that amazon.com has two Jaffrey's cider presses for sell:

Kit (you supply, cut, and fit your own wood to the pieces they provide), $ 385

Complete press: $ 625

Glad you guys are making cider.


Granny Sue said...

Wow! We only paid $250 for ours. I didn't realize how expensive they were!

Kathy said...

Hello, I have visited before but I can't remember if I took the time to say hello. I enjoy reading your blog so I thought I should leave you a comment letting you know I've been around.

Home made cider - that sounds delicious!

Matthew said...

I realize this post is quite old now but I was just researching Jaffrey presses myself and arrived here! It appears their presses have increased in price over the years. I see a couple of their models are available online at http://www.simplyciderpresses.com and they're well over $250! Would you recommend the brand on the whole though?



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