Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cidermaking : Part 2

Few words needed for this post! Step by Step to Cider:

Step 1: Wash the apples.

Step 2: grind the apples (yes, you can put them in the hopper whole).

Step 3: press the apples.

Step 4: catch the juice.

Step 5: drink up!

Actually, we put our cider into plastic gallon water jugs we've been saving. We leave some head room in the jugs and tape the lids on securely with duct tape.

The the jugs go into the freezer--because this juice is unpasteurized, it needs to be frozen and kept refrigerated after thawing or it will turn to vinegar (or to hard cider, but that's another story--and something I have not tried.)

We ended the weekend with 30 gallons of fresh-pressed cider. Everyone took some home, and there's plenty in the freezer.

And a lot more apples still on the trees to make more!

Or maybe to make apple butter...


Wyliekat said...

Hard cider of the real (homemade) persuasion sounds amazing. Actually, the fresh stuff looks amazing, too.

I think I'm drooling.

Mary said...

Are you coming to Festival this year? Any chance you will be bringing cider to sample?

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