Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ghost Hour

The whippoorwill's song is quiet
the lonely owl calls up the night
purple shadows in the gloaming
pass just beyond the window's light

The moon is riding high above
silver paints thick on golden leaves
that rustle in the frosted wind
and rattle drily at the eaves

Faces brighten at the fireside
backs huddle to the gathered dark
one voice raises in a story
about the time when spirits spark

When lonely careless maidens might
meet danger from some unknown hand
and strong men suffer deadly ends
from Satan's roving wicked band

The clock rings in the midnight hour
the voice is quiet, no one talks
all minds are on the black outside
and wonder if some demon stalks

But blue paint guards the window frames
and salt is scattered 'round about
blue bottles dangle on the trees
and keep the evil spirits out

Susanna Holstein c2008


  1. What an interesting blog. Thank you for stopping to visit me at mine. Your advice did not fall of deaf ears.

  2. Love this one-perfect for this time of year.

  3. Very good. I remember a couple years back, my mother had a problem with what we perceived to be a demon. Jason did some research and consulted a few people and we put a ring of salt all around the house, and over every window sill and around the edges of every room. It did help although then Mom would be awakened by a beating on the side of the house and an awful wailing out in the yard. She'd look out and see this creature staring at her. This happened nearly every day. Then we finally talked to an expert who, after hearing the description of the thing, told us it was basically an infant demon for lack of a better term, and it was looking for something that was lost in its surroundings. The only thing different was an old willow tree that had blown over in a wind storm, so Mom and Dad planted a young willow tree in the spot of the old one, and lo and behold, no more demon!

    That is what your poem reminded me of. I may have to add that to my list of otherworldly happenings on the mountain! I had forgotten about that.

  4. Sue,

    The blue paint and blue bottles are very interesting...

    Back in July, Jessie over at Purple Cucumber, made a post that included a pic of a blue *haint bottle*. You can see the bottle here.

    When I ask her what was a *haint bottle*, she responded on my blog, under the post, Happy Birthday David - July Archive, :

    purple cucumbers folk art said...
    "Hi darling,the haint bottle is a old whiskey bottle painted up to attract the haints and bad spirits to go to the painted bottle instead of getting into the fields and crops and destoring them.I am steeped in old folk lore and tradition for 6 generations."

    July 19, 2008 10:06 PM

    So I was wondering, what specifics does the color blue have to do with the spirit world?

    If that makes any sense......:)


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