Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sunday's Drive Home

Last Sunday we traveled home from the Footmad Fall Fling,on Rte 16 North, the slower route but incredible scenery. I saw many things that I missed getting a photo of: the young man constructing a grapevine tree, a pretty waterfall, a cave beside the road, old buildings. But I did manage to take a few, and I'll share some today, and a few more tomorrow.

Signs, signs....This one grabbed my attention. The shop unfortunately was not open.

The shop rested beside an old mill, hence the name.

This was a truly beautiful place. The house which is hidden behind the trees to the left, was three floors high and in excellent condition. I was amazed to find this unmarked beauty. I have no idea what the name of the mill might have been. This was in Fayette County.

The peaceful Elk River near Ivydale in Clay County. The Elk is one of my favorite rivers, running from the high mountains in Pocahontas County to Charleston, ever-changing along its path but always beautiful.

The entrance to Ivydale, a small, quiet community reached by crossing the Elk River on an old iron bridge. We saw absolutely no one when we drove through the town, but then it was over 90 degrees so everyone was probably inside.


tipper said...

Loved the pictures-really part of the local heritage.

samuel said...

Neat. Thanks for posting. I am enjoying the blog.

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