Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Books for Sale!

Well, some things gotta go to make room for the books I brought home from the used book sale this weekend. Email me if you are interested in any of these titles:

The Monster Stick by Bil Lepp (autographed) , paperback. Tall tales by West Virginia's biggest liar. Funny, well-written and original. (Got a copy autographed to my hubby so this one can go.)
$3.00 plus shipping SOLD

Green Hills of Magic: West Virginia Folk Tales from Europe by Dr. Ruth Ann Musick, paperback, small amount of water damage but otherwise in good condition. Musick was one of the premier folklore collectors in West Virginia in the last century. Great stories. (I have two or maybe three copies; I'm never sure how that happens! So I need to sell one.)
$4.00 plus shipping SOLD

The Berkshire Hills: A Federal Writers Project. 1939. B&W photos , slight rubbing to the cover, but in good condition. Ex-library, usual marks. Lists for $20 and up on AbeBooks. Great book for New Englanders.
$10 plus shipping

Forty-Niners: The Chronicle of the California Trail by Archer Butler Hulbert. 1931. Good condition, ex-library with usual marks. B&W illustrations throughout. Stories, first-person narratives, songs, lots of lively information about the rush to the West.
$5.00 plus shipping

Folk Songs of Central West Virginia, vol. 5 by Michael E. "Jim Bush. I ended up with two copies of this little spiral-bound book. Bush collected these ballads in the 1960's while a college student. The pages are his neatly hand-printed work, reproduced and spiral-bound.
$6.00 plus shipping

Myth and Cult among Primitive Peoples by Adolf E. Jensen. Trade paperback. Scholarly, interesting.
2.00 plus shipping

Treasury of American Folklore by B.A. Botkin. The standard work, and somehow I ended up with two copies! Great short stories, folklore, humor and more. Hardcover in good condition.
5.00 plus shipping

Best of Hillbilly by Jim Comstock. Anyone who lives in West Virginia has probably heard of Jim Comstock, the editor of the former West Virginia Hillbilly newspaper, an irreverent publication that combined humor, news, facts, gossip and whatever else Mr. Comstock felt like publishing. This copy is in excellent condition, and includes the dust jacket. I had two copies of this too.
12.00 plus shipping

Eneas Africanus by Harry Stillwell Edwards. 1951 copyright, originally published in 1920. Small, unusual hardcover book in good condition. Supposedly true story (from AbeBooks: "Reprint of this (politically incorrect) Southern classic. "This story of the devotion of a Southern darky to his "white folks" is one of the great classics of Southern literature - a book beloved by hundreds of thousands.It was in 1865 [sic., i.e. 1864] that Eneas became separated from his master and started out to look for the home plantation. For eight years he wandered the South - a veritable pilgrimage through the wilderness. His adventures are humorous, yet tug at the heart strings, and he and the people he encounters emerge vivid and real. The whole brilliantly portrays an attitude and a way of life of a time not so long past, and does it with unforgettable charm, whimst and brevity.").
6.00 plus shipping

Haints, Witches and Boogers: Tales from Upper East Tennessee by Charles Edwin Price. 1992. Great ghost stories! First edition, I think--there is no edition noted. The book is in excellent condition, with dust jacket also in good shape.
10.00 plus shipping SOLD

Science & Stories: Integrating Science and Literature. Large paperback, ex-library so it has applied hard plastic cover that protects it. Library markings. Good book for elementary teachers and librarians.
2.50 plus shipping

That's the list! Please pass it on to friends and family. Space is at a premium around here!


Lucky13 said...

Hey Sis,
Had to tell you. Theresa came up on Sat. and in our travels came across a garage sale. All I found amidst a tables of books was one, but the title? "The Memoirs of a British Agent". Now, am I our father's daughter or what?
Love you, Julie

Granny Sue said...

That's cool, Julie. Dad would have loved it!

Matthew Burns said...

This is a great idea. Being able to pass along books to others who will find them of interest.

Your blog is becoming a veritable country store...you can get news,stories, lies, fables, tales and even the occassional jar of homemade jam. Now, even books! Before long it'll be one stop shopping.


Granny Sue said...

I can dream, Matthew!

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