Friday, October 24, 2008

A Few More Fall Photos Before the Colors Are Gone

I took these two weeks ago, before frost. It was a gorgeous day for a drive, and I decided to try the road to Twin Rocks, which is about 2 miles or so from my house. Here a stand of poplar trees blazed yellow on the hillside.

A lone oak stands sentinel in a pasture.

The road started to look a little rough. No one lives on this part of the ridge now; four-wheelers and horses are the usual traffic. The weather has been so dry I figured I might make it through to the Twin Rocks.

At this point, I decided my new little SUV had gone far enough. Time to turn around and go back.

One of the many views on the way back to the good road. I was glad I got one more chance to get out the road before winter.


Anonymous said...

These are perfect Sue, Dad loved a good drive into the unknown. We celebrated his birthday just like he would have loved to, a drive down thru some beautiful country that ended up at junk stores, followed with a good meal. What a great day.

Blessings for all that is happy for Jordan and Ethan tomorrow.
Love you,

tipper said...

Beautiful pictures-loved the lone oak tree.

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