Thursday, October 23, 2008

Is It Bad Luck or Just Bizarre?

Say you're a young college guy and you live on the second floor of an apartment building.

You're laying on your bed watching a movie on your laptop.

You decide to get up for a glass of water.

Your feet hit the floor and sink into 2 inches of water.

You slog through your apartment, open the door to the stairwell and see water flowing down the stairs.

In your room stuff is floating around and the water keeps coming.

There is a knock on your door.

Two pretty girls are standing there; their apartment is flooded too, but they invite you upstairs.

You go up to their apartment, which isn't quite as wet. The power goes off.

There is a knock on the door. It's the fire department, telling you to leave (fire department? There's no fire, just a LOT of water).

You leave. Where do you go? All your stuff is in your apartment. Which you are not allowed to enter by very officious firefighters. (Who might be trying to keep you from being electrocuted).

You head for home. You call your Mom on your cell phone to tell her about the situation. While you are lights in your rear view mirror? How fast were you going? Do you even know?

Mom (that's me) sits at home waiting to hear what the Blue Lights say. Dad pumps up the air mattress and decides that he'll pay for the ticket, if there is one, because you've had enough already.

So, you tell me--bad luck, or just plain bizarre?


Anonymous said...

Naw, not bad luck, but no argument, he had a very rough day. And well, let's face it, sometimes when life poos on you, you just have to head home to your family. Hugs to T, hope everything comes round the other way.
Aunt Julie

Anonymous said...

Bizarre! Poor Tommy! What I want to know is how do the police know when hit you again?! Give him a hug from us.

Jason Burns said...

My thoughts are: if the neighbors show up (pretty girl or not) have them help you move your stuff out of the flooded apt. If she's any kind of woman worth her salt she's a helper. And the firemen? What was up with that?

Was this Tommy? Can he not catch a break?

tipper said...

Bad luck-good parents!

Matthew Burns said...

Extremely bad luck! Shirley got flooded out of an aprtment one time in Morgantown, and the landlord expected her to pay for the damages when it was his fault hte place flooded (the drain spouts were packed with leaves, and this was a basement apartment). You know Shirley, she took on the landlord and got out of the lease, but lost everything she had. Needless to say, since then we keep renters insurance.

When it rains, it pours.


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