Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh Hail!

It was a dry, dry September. So when October came in with some showers, we were happy. Then in the middle of the afternoon, a sudden hailstorm caught us by surprise.

Larry was splitting wood--and found himself trapped in the woodshed until the storm abated. It was quite a show for about 5 minutes, complete with thunder and all the trimmings.

Still, it was water and at this point I'll take it in whatever form it chooses to descend to earth.

I have to admit, it was right pretty too.


City Mouse said...

I kinda like hail storms ... as long as nothing gets bust up.

(Pretty neat looking woodshed, too!)

tipper said...

I'm with you-at this point we need moisture in whatever form it chooses to fall in!

Granny Sue said...

Mouse, that woodshed is recycled from the old one that collapsed with a whoosh and scared the life out two of our dogs, and remnants of the old tobacco barn, along with a few other bits and pieces. It's not fancy but it does the job and our cost to build it was about $4.00 for nails.

Kathy said...

I bet that hail storm was a surprise. We have had a very wet summer for around this area of the country. Unusally in August all the yards turn brown and dry up due to lack of moistrue. But they didn't this year. Since fall has arrived the grass has finally slowed down and we don't have to mow every week. All the moisture has been good for all the plants, we have had beautiful flowers this year and the leaves should be beautiful as well. A few have started to turn color but not many.

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