Friday, January 30, 2009

Snow Pictures 1

These were taken prior to the more recent snows. This was the foggy-snowy-rainy-icy day.

This first pic is looking up the driveway; you can see the slushy mess in the tracks.

The ice wasn't thick but it was and still is beautiful. The weather hasn't warmed up enough to melt it off.

Here you can see the thick fog hanging over the ridge. It was actually very pretty.

Ice-covered spirea looked like red lace.

Pine boughs still tied to the porch rail were a pretty, pretty sight.

It's an icy, snowy track out of Joe's Run. To the right over the bank is the lake. No one wants to go sliding at this point in the road.

The late Orville Hartley's home. It is mostly unoccupied but still maintained by his son. I love this little place; looking at it is a trip back in town. Note the well to the left. Joe's Run was up and muddy because of the pouring rains that changed to pouring snow.

Greater downtown Gay, West Virginia, looking like a Norman Rockwell painting. Pardon the blob on upper right of the picture--that was rain on my camera. This small community was once quite a thriving place, but has dwindled since the major roads took different directions over the year,s leaving the community fairly isolated--but still the main route of travel for people who live in the very rural ares surrounding it. The road to the left is Peniel Road; to the right is Elk Fork. Both lead into Roane County, but one comes out on US Rte 33, the other after a winding way through the country on Rte 119. Where you reach 119 depends on which choices you make on the back roads.

Traveling the driveway is good for an adrenaline rush these days. I'm proud to say my little Buick Rendezvous has been up to the challenge so far, even though it does scrape a little in the center. More snow today will make the trip home interesting.


Susan said...

It's so beautiful! I'm in West Virginia for a few weeks and the first day it snowed, I grabbed my camera to go take photos all over town...and of course fell right on my ass. Then did it again. And again. AGH! How do you walk in this stuff??

warren said...

Wife and kids hit the deck yesterday...and they were walking down our drive which is steep...they kept on sliding!

Granny Sue said...

Susan, give me a call if you get time. it would be fun to meet in person!

Warren, I bet they're loving what's falling right now. Light dusting? I'd hate to see a heavy one.

City Mouse said...

Such wonderful snow pictures - Orville Hartley's old place is just wonderful. It's nice to know that his son is maintaining it. The photo of the spirea is awfully cool too.

solsticedreamer said...

its lovely coming here to catch up! wonderful pictures and the pancakes are making me want to rush out and make some!

Cathy said...

Photos again BEAUTIFUL! I'm in awe of you driving in this stuff. I have not left the ridge all week and my husband has had to walk out to our van (parked one mile away downhill) just to get to work this week. Ice, Ice, Ice...

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