Friday, January 30, 2009

Snow Pics 2

The ice goes out on Elk Fork as the rain forces the creeks up and out of their banks on Wednesday. Fortunately the rains stopped before we had flooding.

Larry shakes ice out of the White Oak so that we could drive under it without hitting the branches. White Oaks retain their leaves much longer than most oaks.

Lemon Balm makes a brown study in the ice and snow.

Otis loves the snow. Can you tell? He's everywhere in it, making paths, rolling, digging. He thinks we ordered it especially for him.

Looking homeward.



Love the photos. Taking us up close for marvelous views of cold beauty. E.

City Mouse said...

Wow - the pic of the ice going out in the creek is terrific. That snow/rain system we had was SO big. And the last storm before that too. It seems like both hit almost the entire east. (Hmm.) Love the pic at the bottom too - Is that your woodshed in the front?

Liz said...

I don't know anything about trees - I'm a city girl - but I have a tree in my front yard that has brown leaves well into winter (even now) and looks just like the tree in your picture - every year I think to myself either there's something wrong with that tree or we're having such wacky weather that the tree is confused about when to shed it's leaves, now I know it's just a normal White Oak!

Hope you are staying warm and dry!

Lucky13 said...

I love the look of the snow on the pines...the pine in the last picture has made a snowflake all its own!!! The snow laying on the branch looks like a snowflake!!! Can you see it? How neat is that? I started to write because of the way the snow lays on those branches and how pretty they look. EJ always said that the White Pines in the front yard look like dancing girls when it ices...and you know something? To this day, that's how I check to see how much ice we've had by whether or not I have dancing ladies along the lower ledge!
Love the shots, but must admit to being glad we didn't have that much to deal with.
My love to you and Larry,

Cathy said...

You take great photos! We have the ice over our way too. Lots of limbs in the yard and trees leaning in the wood. I love looking at snow and playing in snow but now I'm ready for Spring. I feel real empathy for those without power since we have done that many times before on this ridge. God sure did take care of this home the last three years and kept the electric on but the phones are being sketchy. Keep warm!

bayouwoman said...

Your photos are all so gorgeous, Sue. It amazes me how you work full time and still manage to keep this blog up so faithfully. I admire your efforts and appreciate them, too! LilSis and I were wondering how you get a man to stay home, stoke the fire, and cook dinner too? LOL!

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